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Press & Reviews

The Tactical Rabbi Reviews the Flash Bolt

The Tactical Rabbi provides a quick demo on how to convert your standard AR platform rifle to a dry fire laser tool & run a few drills effortlessly. Learn more

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Jace Walters Reviews Laser Ammo in Jr. Shooters Magazine

Jace Walters is a 15 year old shooter who has been using Laser Ammo for the last year. He is ambitious and opted to write an article, to tell the story about our products he uses and how it has helped him, for The Juniors Shooters Magazine, which was published (Volume 52, Fall 23). 

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Laser Ammo PET II Laser Target

Learn more about the Laser Ammo LaserPet II and how/why it is a fun way to improve your training skills - a video from Pro Gun who did a review for us.  He says it's a "unique way to practice dry firing".  

He gives a nice little unboxing, discusses the Laser Pet II and how easy it is to get going... the size of the targets (aim small miss small).. that is the point!  He reminds that it doesn't require and app, just put in batteries and go, portable and easy to get started on dry fire shooting.

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Laser Ammo Training System Video Review

Sootch Gear with the support of GunZone, did a great video review of the Laser Ammo SureStrike™ laser cartridge then he took a look at the Interactive Multi Target Training System ("i-MTTS") reactive targets... discussed how it works and what it's great for.

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Laser Ammo SureStrike 6.5 mm Creedmoor Cartridge Adapter

The SureStrike starts life as a 9 mm Luger cartridge and through a variety of adapters, can fit a myriad of popular chambers. If you already own Laser Ammo gear, upgrading to 6.5 mm Creedmoor is only $39.95. The LaserPETII is a companion target that reads the projected pulse and plenty of start and scoring modes. When used together, dry-fire drills can replicate match scenarios with shooters receiving feedback on their performances.

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Firearms Training With Laser Ammo: At-Home Marksmanship Practice Made Perfect

With training options such as these, you are provided with a safe and efficient way to train at home not only during the current pandemic but also during times where it may not exactly be 70 degrees and sunny. Another point that cannot go unmentioned is the fact that you will be saving a lot of money on the cost of ammo with all the dry-fire practice you will now be incorporating into your training regimen!

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During COVID-19 coronavirus confinement do not eat crisps and drinking beer: Practice reloading shotgun with laser Ammo !!!!

this guy from CTO Shotgun team shows how to use a 12G shotgun with the laserPET target.

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Test du système Laser Ammo

The French team of Lara Tactical shows how to use Laser ammo products at the Covid 19 time as home.

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How cops can train at home while social distancing

These new products will not only improve your own skills, but may also get your family off the sofa Training doesn't stop just because you’re stuck at home or even when you think you have mastered a skill. You need to practice to keep your skills fresh and there is always something more to learn. If you have stuck-at-home training tips you want to share, please do so in the comments box below.

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Shooting training in times of Coronavirus: These exercises, the Laser Ammo system and Shooting Drill Cards will help you to train at home

Many shooting federations have canceled all competitions due to the Covid-19 situation and shooting ranges are temporarily closed almost everywhere. What can you do despite the threatening total lack of necessary training facilities to still be able to work on your shooting skills? Of course, dry-fire training cannot and should not replace live firing, which is definitely more fun with recoil, gun smoke, bang and muzzle flash, and also requires more skill in terms of shooting control. But especially in these days, when the government recommends limiting social contacts and many shooting ranges are not accessible anyway, dry-fire training can be a welcome alternative.

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Review: Laser PET II Reactive Target Trainer

Working with laser training systems is certainly nothing new by today’s standards, however Laser Ammo is on the cutting edge with their technology. Coupled with input from some of the best minds in the industry the application of said technology is focused exactly where it needs to be to develop practical skills with a wide array of application.

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Smokeless Range

Check out this video about the Smokeless Range and how you can take the church security can take their training to the next level.

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Smokeless Range 2.0 - Review

Check out this video made by Fort Worth Combative - a user of the Smokeless Range 2.0 This email shows the difference between the Smokeless Range 1 and the 2.0 version.

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Recoil Enabled Training

check our this video made by a professional IPSC shooter about training with the ATP LE

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Dry fire training Tools

check this review from Talon Sei about the LaserPET and the SureSrike Laser Cartridge

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Dry-Fire Trainers: Save Money While You Gain Performance

the SureStrike offered better construction and an added level of safety with the threaded pipe extensions and safety cap. We also liked that the kit was stored in a case and not easily misplaced. We liked the included target and the cartridges’ ability to adapt to other pistol and rifle calibers as well as shotgun gauges. ______________________________________________ The LaserPET helps you record hits and times, and this makes the training more valuable because you can chart your progress. In our opinion, this target is well suited to drawing and firing on a target. Most public ranges do not allow this type of training, and for good reason — it is dangerous for bystanders to be swept with a loaded pistol. This allows you to train in ways you cannot at a public range. If you want to get a general indication of your progress, we’d pair the LaserPET with a laser cartridge.

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My testing of the SureStrike Cartridge and LaserPET barely scratches the surface of the training product line Laser Ammo has to offer. Their devices are well suited for hunting rifles, shotguns or modern sporting rifles as well. The ability to purchase additional targets only enriches your training capabilities, not to mention the potential to create smokeless ranges with their software and accompanying sensors. If you’re serious about pistol training, I would recommend starting your search for indoor training tools with Laser Ammo.

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The Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office has modernized its target training facilities with the installation of a computerized shooting simulator at the main office on North Fraser Street, Georgetown. Officials have completed the testing of a “Laser Ammo” training facility that allows law officers to refine their shooting skills and experience many shoot-don’t shoot scenarios.

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Check out Mickey working on the IMTTS

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Carry Trainer working with the Smokeless Range

Check out Mickey from Carry Trainer working with the Smokeless Range

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This Training Simulator is AMAZING

Check out this video by John Lovell

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getzone.com Shot show 2018

Laser Ammo has a multitude of laser training products – simulators, electronic targets, sights, laser inserts so you can train with YOUR gun.

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Laser Ammo On American Outdoor

Check out this video made by American Outdoor at SHOT SHOW 2018 with our very own Colin Gallagher

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Junior Shooters: Article in volume 29 Winter issue

it really helped me with acquiring my target from a start position. Lots of time can be lost in this area, So i would practice with my pistol at a start plate like is used in rim-fire two gun, then see how fast i can sight in and hit my first target. i could feel myself getting a little better every day at it, and i found the system very useful because of it. i really appreciate the opportunity i had to try it out, and i'm sure it will be helping more and more in the future.

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Laser Ammo Advanced Laser Training Pistol Full Review

Full review of the Laser Ammo advanced laser training pistol (in cooperation with Smart Fire Arms). This training aid is no substitute for real firearms training, but it can help you when the weather is bad, you're on vacation, need a break from work, or you're laid up with an illness or the like!

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