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Sootch Gear Reviews Laser Ammo Dry Fire Tools in the Holiday Gift Guide

Starting at 4:48, check out the mini review that Sootch Gear provides about the Laser Ammo SureStrike Mag with his Glock pistol. He then goes on to discuss what the mag is, how it works, notes that one of the best parts is that you don't have to rack your slide when you dry fire and how easy it is to get started. When paired with the Laser Ammo iMTTS reactive targets or the LaserPET II electronic targets, it truly is one of the best laser dry fire training systems. (Hey, he said it!) Sootch has had several years of experience with Laser Ammo so truly understands and gets it.

He shows how to add/use the UhrSecure safety system to denote an extra layer of safety... and then how easy it is to practice your dry fire at home, or wherever it is safe to do so. 

Since you are using your pistol, this means that it works with your red dot as well. The trigger can be lightened if you prefer a lighter trigger pull.

With the reactive targets, you get audible and visible shot feedback so it just allows you to step up your firearms training, competition training, self defense and more.

Laser Ammo provides an excellent way to train on transitions, split times, various shoot no-shoot drills, improving speed and your general firearms marksmanship.

We are thankful for Sootch Gear taking the time to review our/these products and for being an amazing platform for the 2A community.

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