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Professional Groups

For The Hunter

Take aim with dry fire training

When it comes to hunting, good quality ammunition is not cheap. A responsible hunter will choose to remain proficient throughout the year in their skills, not just in the short time surrounding hunting season. Dry-fire training year-round allows hunter’s to not only save money on ammunition, but also become more accurate and confident in their skills so they are able to take that well aimed shot and responsibly harvest their game.

Laser Ammo offers many shotgun and hunting gun adapters to be used together with our SureStrikeTM 9mm laser cartridge so the hunter can use his or her own firearm and practice with their specific trigger and sight safely.

Using the LaserPET II, hunters can practice their aim, trigger pull and marksmanship with their favorite long gun at the convenience of their own home year round.

By using Laser Ammo Multi Mode back cap, the hunter can work on tracking and transitions from one target to another.

One shot, one kill accuracy defined

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