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Professional Groups

Law Enforcement &
Government Agencies

We make the leading dry fire training products worldwide

Dry-fire is the safest, most efficient way to increase an officer’s skill regardless of their experience. It allows you to increase proficiency with draw, sight acquisition, and trigger control. Improves speed and accuracy of reloads; Smooth down and speed up transitions; Assists in controlling breathing and heart rate, and allows an officer to incorporate movement. Fundamentals are made flawless by building muscle memory through repetition.

For Law Enforcement and Military purposes, you can never have too much firearms training

Unfortunately, time, personnel, budgets, and facilities often limit what can be done. Laser Ammo prides itself with the ability to provide affordable, reliable, and customizable training products for agencies of all sizes. Tailored to each organization’s needs, Laser Ammo’s experienced Law Enforcement and Military professionals will ensure your agency’s needs are met.

Member tested program | NTOA

International Police Training Journal


Firearms Simulation Study


laser-based firearms training packages

Laser Ammo is offering laser-based firearms training packages tailored to the Military, Corrections and Law Enforcement agencies, specifically designed by experienced officers and operators that recognized a need for affordability, portability and quality for our defenders. With packages for individual officers, smaller agencies, larger metro and state agencies or military branches, we can address any of your firearm training needs. Personal service with every order, outstanding customer service and unprecedented tech-support when you need it most.

What makes us the best?

  • Train with Any Firearms Platform Duty Weapon or Recoil Enabled Firearm
  • Highly Portable for Use at Recruiting Events or Multiple Stations/Locations
  • Safe and Reliable Building-Clearing Training Technology
  • Multiple firearm aids allows for training with pistols, shotguns, rifles and 37mm or 40mm grenade Launchers
  • Backed by Best in Class Customer Service & Warranty
  • Custom Orders available to use accessories with existing simulators and tactical vests.
  • Cutting Edge Training Technology

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