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Laser Ammo Law Enforcement Videos

Select videos together for law enfocement about a variety of Laser Ammo products.

CQB - 

Tactical room clearing and active shooter simulated training without the use of a computer. 

CQB in Action

Shot on Body 

Check out our new Shot on Body System

Shot Box

Real gun shot sound, on demand, for the ultimate realistic training. 

Revoluntionize your active shooter response training.

Designed specifically for law enforcement, this cutting-edge system offers an unparalleled training experience that prepares officers for the most intense scenarios. Explore how GunshotBox provides realistic concussions at a safe level, allowing officers to simulate high-pressure situations with heart-pounding realism to enhance their readiness, improve response times, and develop effective strategies to neutralize threats

With its remote control capabilities, trainers have full command to create dynamic and challenging training drills. Discover why GunshotBox is the latest tool for law enforcement agencies seeking to enhance officer proficiency and protect their communities. 

Flash Bolt

Flash Bolt for Reactive Drills & Training for Your Rifle

Build muscle memory with your rifle. No need to recharge the bolt since you have constant repetitions with this cutting edge technology. Work on your rifle trigger control, sight acquisition, transitions, magazine changes & more to improve your proficiency with your AR platforms from 9mm, .223 /5.56, 300 blackout and even .308 / 7.62 with optional adapter. User friendly and hassle free installation, adjustable trigger weight and works with Laser Ammo reactive targets and Smokeless Range for real time feedback.

Outside & Distance Tests

Laser Ammo SureStrike and Flashbolt practical distance range test

Laser Ammo’s I-MTTS Arena target kit, SureStrike cartridges and Flashbolt AR15/M4 laser BCG replacement are a great indoor dry fire training system – and I personally use it with great satisfaction to preserve my shooting skills. But… how would it fare in the open? What is the practical range at which the reactive target and laser can actually work? Let’s find out!

Misc Law Enforcement videos/interviews

Law Enforcement Firearms training

Superior Law Enforcement Training - Laser Ammo at the TX Chief of Police Show

Contact one of our law enforcement or military specialists today.

(516) 858-1262 x104

or email them:

Colin Gallagher
Patrick McMahon

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