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Perry Yee Shares How to Set Up Your Own Indoor Range using CQB at Home

Perry Yee, former Navy Seal, owner of Fortified Measures, discusses, in depth the Laser Ammo CQB in a Box - how it works, set up and installation, functionality and more. Check out the video and learn more about this awesome home defense & military training system. 

Perry knows the importance of training at home and out in the field so naturally he just had to get his hands on our CQB.  He explains the set up procedure and the importance of reading the instructions (YES, he did!) and ensuring that you put the target bases on the right humanoid target, or rather in the right order to ensure proper utilization of the targets with the computer operating system. You know, recognizing the hits correctly! It comes with the controller similar to that of the i-MTTS but the newest version of the CQB uses a Windows computer to controll the hits, the target zones, the colors (up to 5), the number of hits on target and whether you are grouping them together or keeping them all independent.

Check out this video and learn more about the CQB in a box, or you can check out CQB on our website too.

This is one of several videos in his series so feel free to check them out on our site (as we were given permission to upload them on our YouTube) or head over to Perry's YT channel and give him some love there - Perry Yee's YouTube Channel, or his website Fortified Measures - and of course check out our products here on our site.

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