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Laser Ammo's Flash Bolt Featured in Jr Shooters Magazine Holiday Gear Guide

We appreciate when other companies in this industry feature our products so we wanted to share and give them a little shout out ourselves. is an online and print magazine promoting juniors in all shooting disciplines. They want to help parents and their children to get started in the shooting sports, answer questions they may have about safety, about gun and gear, various events and organizations and more.
They provide the publications to juniors of all ages and their parents and the online publications are free.  The current issue is only available in print, at first, and after a period of time, that issue is then offered online here.
Jace Walters is a regular contributing author and a Laser Ammo sponsored shooter whom we are very proud of.
Anyways, until it is posted online, you can see what they had to say about the Flash Bolt and the SureStrike Mag below:
Flash Bolt - "We have been using the Flash Bolt for a few months now and it work well. It allows for manipulation of the firearm, except for the charging handle and is easy to install.  This fully adjustable laser allows you to increase proficiency with signt acquisition, trigger control, transitions, and accuracy.  The Flash Bolt is a drop-in bolt replacement for a standard "AR" platform rifle. It allows any level of shooter to safely shoot a RED or IR laser for dry-fire training. There is no need to cycle the charging handle for repeated shots."

SureStrike Mag - "The SureStrike Mag is a combination of the DryFireMag® and the original SureStrike™ 9mm Cartridge that creates a powerful tool that can help you improve your handling skills with a striker activated pistol like Glock or Sig P320. Use your own pistol and practice your target acquisition, stance, accuracy and more with 100% safety at your convenience of your own home.  Add other advanced training aids such as Laser Ammo electronic targets and Smokeless Range® simulator for a more realistic and immersive training experience."

Wow.. what a great write up and we are honored to have been highlighted. 

Thank you Andy Fink, Publisher & Editor-In-Chief of Junior Sports Magazines, INC.

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