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Data Sheets for Laser Ammo Products 2024

We love our influencers and media people who take the time to post about and review our products. So please find below our products to help make your job easier.

Also, if you are looking for images and more info than you could imagine, check out our Media Resources

  1. About Laser Ammo - learn more about the company
  2. SureStrike laser cartridge - lasers for your firearm to dry fire with
  3. SureStrike caliber adapters - adapters to use your 9mm laser for other calibers such as 45, 40, shotgun, rifle and more.
  4. SureStrikeMAG - use this mag with your Glock or Sig for repeat shots without racking the slide
  5. Advanced Training Laser Pistol (ATLP) Gen2 - non recoil training gun with laser and feedback
  6. Recoil Enabled Airsoft Laser (R.E.A.L)  - recoiling firearms with lasers to dry fire continuous shots
  7. Spider Kit - converts airsoft or BB pistols into laser-emitting dry fire firearms
  8. Flash Kit  -flash suppressor adapter that replaces the stock flash guard to house the vibration cartride to have laser emitting training rifle
  9. LaserPET II - stand alone electronic reactive target
  10. Interactive Multi-Target Training Systems (i-MTTS) - stand alone and wireless reactive targets, controller to set different programs
  11. CQB in a Box - portable humanoid reactive target system for room clearing simulation
  12. Smokeless Range - interactive dry fire simulation system, various software programs to interact with
  13. Smokeless Range Add-Ons - additional software add ons to improve the simulation
  14. Flash Bolt- drop in bolt carrier group replacement to allow for multiple hits without having to cycle the charging handle
  15. Shot Body System - wearable sensor system to practice realistic room clearing or force on force for military, security, law enforcement and more.

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