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Cool Way to Use Your Laser Pet II on a Mini IPSC Target

Fabrizio Tetti of Sharden Tactical is a Beretta shooter and active military trainer who created an option to use the Laser Ammo Laser Pet II on the back of a mini IPSC target cut out to see how his transitions and sight alignment is working out for him. Take a look or use a translater to check it out.

But basically he is saying with this cut out and Laser Pet, you can practice and ensure you aren't changing your focus on the different IPSC shapes. Of course, feel free to change the distances according to what you have available to you. Don't forget to do magazine changes, transitions with more than one target and unusual or not standard standing positions to up your shooting competition or shooting training.

He reminds us too... always be safe:

1 - treat all guns as they are loaded

2 - always check to be sure firearms are unloaded when dry firing

3 - keep your finger off trigger unless you are on target and ready to shoot, dry fire or live

4 - never point your gun as soemthing you don't want to destroy.

Last parting tip - Common sense is the master of everything.

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