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Review of CQB in a Box by Matt Smith of Sheepdog Response

Matt Smith, 25 year Army vet reviews the CQB in a Box and shares the importance of dry fire training, close quarters training and how this dry fire system can help save money, maintain safety and just improve overall skills. 


My name is Matt Smith. I'm the director in charge of Sheepdog Response for the nation's leading firearms and self-defense company. And I love the Laser Ammo CQB in a Box system. I'm a 25 -year veteran of the United States Army and I spent almost all that time in special operations.

In all of my years of training, I've seen just about everything. Every type of training and every type of real scenario you can imagine. There's a lot of risk involved with firing live ammo. It's expensive and it's dangerous to go to the range. Let's face it, with this system, the inherent risk is gone.

It's a fantastic system, light, easy to set up and provides instant feedback to the shooter and the evaluator. It has multiple impact zones: the pelvis, the chest and the head, and it can be set up for multiple hits or single hit takedowns. It has easy one button set up through Bluetooth on the computer. I can set up shoot targets and no-shoot targets.

It's universally the easiest system I've used, to be able to accurately engage targets in any location. We all know that firearms training is imperative. Why not give yourself the most competitive edge by getting yourself Laser AMMO's CQB in a Box.

Laser AMMO, Making Shooters Better.

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