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Perry Yee Shares How to Set Up Your Own Indoor Range with Various Pistols at Home

Perry Yee, former Navy Seal, owner of Fortified Measures, teaches individuals and families how to prepare and protect themselves as well as military/law enforcement teams to dry fire more effectively using various dry fire training tools, most of which come from Laser Ammo, learn more about his insight into dry fire training at home and work.

If you are curious which pistol option you are wanting to use for the Smokeless Range or just dry fire in general, give this a good once over. 

Things to consider:

  • need/want to use your own gun
  • recoil or non-recoil firearm
  • IR or Red laser
  • CO2 or Green Gas recoil guns
  • note - pay attention to the different laser cartridges and how they aren't easily interchangeable 

Learn more about our recoil enabled firearms, about our REAL laser conversion barrels to take other recoil guns and make them work with our targets, about the optional caliber adapters to make our 9mm SureStrike laser cartridge work with other calibers and then the SureStrikeMAG.

He discusses safety and how Laser Ammo thought of it all, to help you visibly show your training is safe!

This is one of several videos in his series so feel free to check them out on our site (as we were given permission to upload them on our YouTube) or head over to Perry's YT channel and give him some love there - Perry Yee's YouTube Channel, or his website Fortified Measures - and of course check out our products here on our site.

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