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Laser Ammo "Great Success" Mentioned in Beat to Beat USDSA

Brian Boling, USDSA National Trainer mentioned Laser Ammo in the February 2024 Beat to Beat Newsletter (found on their site here). The headline is "Weapon Training Systems" and Brian begins with sharing a brief mention of his experience at SHOT Show. Then how shooting simulators and laser training systmes are on the rise, in availability and economically for every day use, for officers, for training and as individuals. He boldly states that there is no replacement for live fire training but understands the cost and availability of it which lends to the need to find other means of getting in the practice.

Common barriers to live fire:

"Common barriers to live-fire training include limited access to safe shooting facilities, man-power shortages, and the cost of ammunition. Considering these challenges, shooting simulators and training systems become a smart investment for individuals as well as agencies."

" fire training is time-consuming and expensive. It requires going to the range, setting up the targets, the system, and the course of fire. Following that are safety checks, briefing the students, and issuing of all safety equipment. Next, everyone working together on the firing line only going as fast as the slowest person (or target). And then finally cleaning up and paperwork. After four hours you have a whole 30 minutes of trigger time at best."

He goes on to discuss the benefits of dry fire training and what a student or police officer can work on while practicing dry fire versus live fire.

Laser Ammo cost effective & efficient

"I am not advocating a brand or product mainly because there are more than I have had the opportunity to familiarize myself with, but I have had great success with a product called “Laser Ammo”. They have laser guns, laser guns with recoil, targets with different training options. Using these resources and my imagination, I have been able to create hundreds of scenarios. I use this product for both Law enforcement and civilian training from basic fundamentals to advanced elements such as moving & shooting, shooting from cover, and instinctive shooting drills. With minimal set-up time, the cost per training hour becomes reasonable and efficient. (Efficient; one of my favorite words as a training officer.)"

Just to be mentioned among all of the other companies and singled out, should definitely speak for itself. However, should you wish to learn more about Laser Ammo, established in 2009, with dealers across the US & and World, serving law enforcement departments, government agencies, military teams, competition shooters, firearms trainers, hunters, self defense/martial art groups and every day gun enthusiasts who wish to better themselves, check us out and let us know how we can help you.

We offer basic training laser cartridges for your handguns and Flash Bolt for your rifle, SureStrikeMAG to use your firearm and not have to reset the trigger, recoil & non-recoil enabled firearms, electronic targets, Smokeless Range® simulator and tactical training systems and tools.

Contact uswith any questions.

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