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Training Day, A Woman's Perspective on Blending IDPA w Training Ways, in The Tactical Journal

One of our competition shooters, Kristen Day, also a firearms instructor and now currently our marketing director was interviewed by Jackie Russo, a writer for the Tactical Journal, and published in Volume 28, issue 1 of 1st Quarter 2024. Check it out here, starting on page 44 and through page 51. Then, beginning on page 88 in the Trophy Room for Calamity Jane where Tricia Horvath took 1st, Kristen Day took 2nd and Mary Grace McMahon took 3rd - Laser Ammo swept the top 3 with multiple plaques each.

The article journals Kristen's competition journey and her introduction into firearms training, her passion to help women get more comfortable in firearms and safety. She discusses the benefits of IDPA, how it's great for beginners, how the community is wonderful and shares a few tips. Be sure to check it out.

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