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How Laser Ammo was the Building Block of His Success by Junior Shooter Jace Walters

Jace Walters was featured again in the Winter 2023 edition of Junior Shooters Magazin where he talks about his first real year of competition shooting to include his focus on Glock Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) and why he chose that. He shares his struggles, prior injuries, concerns and of course his successes and how training with Laser Ammo helped him get there.

You can see the full article in the Winter 2023, Volume 53 edition of the magazine or on his website here.

"What I did to get better was practice with my Laser Ammo Laser Pet at home. With the Laser Pet I could set a timer and it would track your shots and where they hit. Using this helped me be able to maximize my time and have good, controlled shots that went where I wanted. I finished my 2023 Indoor GSSF season competing in 6 leagues winning 6 High Juniors, 10 Podiums and 2 Overall Wins along with the CMP National Championship at Camp Perry where you shoot the indoor match outdoors which is weird."

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