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Best at Home Training System Ever?! I Mean, Of Course!

Lito, A Regular Gun Guy wanted to check out our recoil enabled training pistols and the i-MTTS interactive reactive training targets, so he did this video to review it. He loves that it is all inclusive, meaning that what you get in the package, it all that you need.  He shares how the pistol is a replica of the Glock so if you have this firearm, you should already be familiar with this firearm. You can even break it down the same way. 

What do you look for in a dry fire training system?  Ease of use and simple to use, little to no set up and affordable. And dry fire allows you to do it at home, safely and stay sharp. Plus, you don't even need a computer or your phone, these tools do all of the work.

He goes over the various reactive targets and the 6 programs that comes with each of these targets, because it's a "dope unit".  

He said, there is just so much information and benefit to using these tools.

If you are looking for more information on the i-MTTS targets or various recoil pistols, feel free to check them out on our site and let us know if you have any questions. After all, these products are "dope as hell" and he had so much fun practicing before he recorded the video - "he couldn't stop". :)

You can check the full review and explanation on his YouTube Here.

Here is a little video he also did on some little shooting drills.

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