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United States Deputy Sheriff's Association Training Tip: Training Equipment

USDSA National Training Director, Mike Willis, shares a few valuable training tools for law enforcement, govt agencies, military teams and security church/school teams. In the below video, you will see a few different departments using the Laser Ammo tools - CQB in a Box, gunSHOT Box (orig from Scenario Trainer) and no recoil laser training pistols (orig from Smart Firearms) but ALL available here on our website.

Learn more about the CQB training, using the gunSHOT box to provide a more audible experience, and laser training pistols to allow all personnel to train for room clearing and active shooter scenarios as close to real life as possible, in a safe manner for all.

Check out the video below and feel free to check out how the USDSA can assist your department with free products and training.

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