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Laser Ammo SureStrike and Flashbolt Practical Distance Outdoor Range Test

If you have spoken to any of our sales and support team here at Laser Ammo in regards to the targets and lasers, you have likely heard that it is best indoors or shaded outdoors. 

However, someone (Franco Palamaro) was curious how it would do outdoors in the open, in the daylight, and what is the best range for these targets and lasers to work. 

After discussions with our Switzerland dealer, he then decided to take it to test with the visible red laser, infrared laser and the red laser for the Flash Bolt in his firearms.

30 meters - Red and IR laser was successful

50 meters - Red and IR laser as well as Flash Bolt Red also successful

I want to be sure to share the love so please check out to review the full article and you can see their video below as well.

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