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Your Own Handgun

The Smart Way
To Dry Fire Safely

The SureStrikeMAG™

Dry Fire Smarter Without Resetting the Trigger

Practicing your marksmanship with your own firearm has gotten easier with the addition of the SureStrikeMAG™. It includes the newest Laser Ammo SureStrike™ laser cartridge and the Smart DryFireMag® by DryFireMag®, LLC. The perfect revolutionary smart magazine to dry fire with. You can still train with your own pistol but now without the need to rack the slide or find a replacement trigger. Since it includes SureStrike™ laser cartridge, you get that instant, audible and visual feedback that you’ve been wanting to step up your dry fire training practice. You still have the ability to work on all of the same shooting fundamentals, but have just given yourself additional options such as double taps and transitions.

The Smart Way to Dry Fire with Your Own Firearm, without racking the slide & Anywhere You Can Safely Do So

Works with All Targets

The Laser Ammo laser cartridge works with all of our electronic reactive targets as well as most other targets on the market. Our Red laser can be seen on a paper target and our IR laser must be used on our Smokeless Range.

Use IR or Red Lasers

The SureStrike™ laser cartridges are offered with a Visible (Red) or Invisible (IR) laser. The red lasers are used when the shooter is using a paper target or electronic target and is working on a variety of marksmanship skills and drills. Invisible (IR) lasers are recommended when using reactive targets or simulators, as the shooter will be forced to use their sights for optimized training.


High quality, robust laser cartridge comprised of stainless steel casing with accurate sharp focused laser and glass lens.


Patented “UhrSecure” safety system secures cartridge in chamber, providing visual indication firearm is clear of ammunition & prevents live ammo from being inserted. Doesn’t interfere with retraction of slide. SureStrike lasers contain no primer or powder, safely used by anyone, anywhere!

Compatibility & Core Features

  • No need to rack the slide to reset your trigger
  • Does not use pistol’s firing pin
  • Builds proper muscle memory
  • Provides audible & tactile trigger simulation
  • Pays for itself in ammo savings
  • Practice safely in your own home
  • Caliber adapters available
  • Can be used with any Laser Ammo reactivate targets and simulators (IR).
  • FDA approved Class 1 eye safe laser

Please review each SureStrikeMAG™ model to ensure it is compatible with your firearm as there are models it will not work with and calibers that it will not work with. Please review or contact us with questions prior to your purchase.

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