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Flash Bolt

Drop-In Laser Bolt For AR Platform Rifles

This fully adjustable laser allows you to increase proficiency with sight acquisition, trigger control, transitions, and accuracy.

The Flash Bolt is a drop-in bolt replacement for standard “AR” platform rifle. It allows any level of shooter to safely shoot a RED or IR laser for dry-fire training. There is no need to cycle the charging handle for repeated shots.

The Flash Bolt will allow the shooter to train safely in the convenience of their own home or department, on a variety of skills without modification to the firearm:

  • Boresight your rifle (with the red laser only)
  • Sight alignment and sight picture
  • Magazine changes
  • Follow through
  • Marksmanship
  • Speed drills
  • Tactical decision making
  • Long distance shooting
  • Competition shooting

4 Different Shooting Modes

The Flash Bolt has 4 different shooting modes (in the red laser configuration) to accommodate all your training needs. These different settings will allow you to not only practice different drills, but to boresight red-dots, scopes and iron sights.

  1. Invisible Laser mode: for more professional training with Laser Ammo reactive targets. (*Red Laser Configuration only)
  2. Dry fire mode: a short pulse to use on the Smokeless Range for competition shooters.
  3. Shot tracking: a long pulse for those who like to shoot on a paper target and see their point of impact.
  4. Bore-sight mode: a constant on laser to align your sights or track your movement. targets (*Red Laser Configuration only)

The IR version has different pulses to allow faster or slower pulses for speed drills vs marksmanship.

Fits Many Calibers

Designed to fit the most popular calibers of 9mm .223 / 5.56, and 300 blackout AR platforms with no need to replace your trigger or sights. An optional adapter for .308 / 7.62 will be available for additional purchase.

Adjust The Trigger To Your Liking

The Flash Bolt comes with a set of shims, allowing the user to adjust the “trigger” pull/reset sensitivity to their preference.

Windage and Elevation Alignment

The Flash Bolt has a windage and elevation alignment screws for easy alignment of the laser to fit your specific gun and sight.

Lighting Speed Trigger:

For the PCC competition shooters among you, the FLASH Bolt offers a lighting fast 6 shots per second. This allows the competitive shooter to use their 9mm PCC safely at home while saving time and money on ammunition, range fees and travel.

Easy Installation:

The Flash bolt replaces the original bolt in your AR in seconds. No modification is needed to the gun. When using the Flash Bolt, you will enjoy the familiar grips and sights of your gun, with the same weight and all the other customizations you made.

Works With Reactive Targets and Simulators

This product will work with all of Laser Ammo reactive targets like the i-MTTS, electronic targets like the LaserPET II and the Smokeless Range® Simulator.

The Flash Bolt in its red configuration includes a program that shoots invisible laser that will activate the i-MTTS and LaserPET II as if it was an IR laser, for more professional training.

Long Lasting Battery

The Flash Bolt uses a standard CR123 battery and will last for thousands of trigger pulls for non-stop training.

Class 1 Eye Safe Laser

The Flash Bolt has a Class-1 eye-safe laser.

Dry fire with your own favorite AR platform

MarksmanshipTacticalDecision Making CompetitionLong Distance ShootingSpeed Drills

Laser Ammo’s Flash Bolt improves your shooting skills with your AR platform, building a solid foundation for marksmanship, speed and transitions between targets, and much much more.

The Flash Bolt is meant to build muscle memory, providing the shooter with accuracy and timing feedback while performing the repetitions necessary to allow for your actions to be duplicated automatically when you return to the range or if you are ever thrust into a critical incident.

The Flash Bolt works with all Laser Ammo targets, including LaserPET II, i-MTTS and the Smokeless Range® judgmental shooting simulator, for your perfect dry fire season.

Why Flash Bolt?

Training with a laser cartridge with your AR platform will require charging the handle with each shot to reset the trigger. Great for a first shot training with your own trigger, it is not possible to train like that for tactical purposes and home defense as the shooter needs to transition from one target to another. The Flash Bolt will give you the ability to continues shooting lasers with no need to charge the handle to build the correct a muscle memory.

Who Should Use It?

  • Great for any PCC competition shooter who wants to train for their next match.
  • Law Enforcement/military professionals can train with their personal or issued weapons.
  • Long Distance shooters who like to practice with their own AR at home.

Why Use It?

The Flash Bolt is the perfect training tool If you are looking to use your own AR, with your own trigger and sights, as part of your dry fire training regime.

Which Gun Do We Recommend Using?

The Flash Bolt will work with any standard trigger in most AR platforms in 9mm, 223 / 5.56, 300 blackouts, and .308 / 7.62 with an optional adapter (purchased separately).

Please Note: Some special trigger configurations might limit the use of the Flash bolt.

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