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Simulators & Targets

Enhance your
training experience.

Bring the range to you with our computer-based Simulators and Standalone Electronic Targets

Pair your laser cartridge or recoil enabled training gun with the right target for you. Getting immediate feedback on each shot is crucial for an effective training session. In order to get the most out of your training session, we offer many different targeting solutions to fit your needs best.

Buying the right training tools that fit your budget and meet your needs is the key to not just excelling in your firearms training, but more importantly, enjoying it.

Ask yourself these important questions - What are my training needs? How much time do I have to train at home? Which firearm am I going to train with? How much money I would like to spend?

Simulator, Software or Electronic Target - which product is right for you?

Smokeless Range® - Marksmanship and Use of Force Simulator

The Smokeless Range® Simulator is a game changer in the training world!

It is the most advanced simulator on the market that will give you the ability to train in every discipline – from target shooting to IPSC courses and use of force. You can train with friends and family and never worry about the experience becoming mundane as the technology is always evolving.

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Electronic Targets - Get immediate feedback with each shot, without the use of a computer or mobile phone.

Electronic targets are standalone products that do not need a computer, mobile phone or any special lighting conditions. Just turn it on and you are ready to go. They are more budget friendly than the simulator or training software but will not give you the thrill, fun or the ever-evolving training that the simulator will.

That being said, with no computer, projector or camera necessary, you will find yourself training daily (or a few times a day) with the electronic target, and you are guaranteed to increase your speed and accuracy.

LaserPET - Hone Your Accuracy Anywhere!

The LaserPET II is an easy to use, standalone electronic target with the motto of: Hit Small, Miss Small. Guaranteed to turn any user into a faster and more accurate shooter.

  • Best for gun owners that would like to train at home safely
  • No need for a computer or mobile phone
  • Pair it with Red or IR SureStrike to use with your own gun
  • Will NOT work with non-laser ammo brand or cool fire
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i-MTTS - Build your training arena at home

The i-MTTS are standalone reactive targets that wirelessly communicate in order to allow the shooter to build their own training arena at home.

Why are we calling it a training arena? Because these are the ONLY targets that will allow you to build a full shooting house for combat tactical training. You can build your own IPSC or IPDA course, train on steel plate shooting and so much more.

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