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SureStrike Accessories

What makes a great
Laser Training great?

SureStrike Ultimate LE Edition Kit

The Accessories for the SureStrike Cartridge make it not only the most advanced - but the most adaptive and cost effective firearms training in existence

The SureStrike cartridge fits directly in the firearms chamber and is activated by the impact of the firing pin to emit an FDA approved eye safe laser pulse simulating the point of impact. The CNC machined SureStrike cartridge is built from a high-quality stainless-steel body, patented sharp focused glass lens rated for thousands of hours, giving the SureStrike its durability and accuracy.

Laser Ammo owns many patents that make the SureStrike the most advanced laser in the world:

The patented action back cap is the brain of the SureStrike and includes a computer microprocessor that controls the laser beam. This gives the shooters the ability to choose between dry-fire or boresighting mode, to replace the cap as a “cheap refill”, to protect the firing pin of the gun as it is used as a snap cap, to change different calibers and much more.

The patented UhrSecure system is a unique safety system for the SureStrike and allows the shooter to have a visual indication when the gun is safe.

The patented adapter systems allow you to save money and use one high quality laser with many of your different caliber firearms!

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Shoot Safely Indoors

"UHRSECURE" Safety System

SureStrike acts as a fail-safe device by being secured in the chamber with the mandatory use of the safety pipe and nut, preventing the loading of a live round. This “UhrSecure” safety system visually and physically assures the secure nature of the firearm to the user and training staff but does not interfere with retraction of the slide, holstering or any mounted accessories. SureStrike contains no explosives of any kind and therefore cannot be discharged by a weapon.

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Interchangable Action Caps

The SureStrike Action Caps have a micro-processor controlled primer, which activates the SureStrike and also performs as a snap cap, keeping the firing mechanism safe from damage while dry firing. By using interchangeable Action Caps, each having a different program, the user can decide between a training mode, boursighter mode, or even choose to purchase both (Multimode.) All action caps are guaranteed for at least 5,000 shots making them a “cheap refill” for your cartridge. Action Caps are available for 9mm, 223, 38sp, and 380 cartridges and each are available with the programming options listed below. Custom programming is available upon request.

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Caliber Adapters

Caliber Adapters for all your firearms

Since most shooters use more than one caliber, we designed the SureStrike to be modular – meaning you can work with a variety of of pistols and rifles by applying different adapters and caps to the same cartridge which saves you money. We also offer kits that include a pre-selected popular variety of caliber adapters for one low price.

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Optional Accessories

Laser Ammo offers a variety of quality products that will enhance your training session. From heavy gage paper targets, to special carry case, or low cost battery packs, you can find anything you need to complete your dream dry fire system.

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