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IDPA Tactical Journal Vol 27, Iss 3, 3rd Qtr 2023 - Flash Bolt Review

Will Schmied is a competition shooter who has shot handgun and now PCC and uses the Flash Bolt to improve his shooting. He starts off explaining what dry fire is and how most of us dread it, but know we need it. So, how do you make it more fun and more engaging? "Enter tools such as the Laser Ammo training system" he says.

He understands that Laser Ammo originated in the handgun arena but "Laser Ammo has upped their game and taken a unique spot in the training tools landscape" with tools such as the Flash Bolt. And paired together with the iMTTS (reactive targets) which work well in conjunction with any of the laser training aids, allows for feedback - audible or visual. "Ah, that is exactly what is missing from dry fire - feedback.... often times only a best guess."

"You can easily set up mini stages in and around your house and get your dry fire accomplished..."  This allows you to create many combinations of shooting stages, drills, scenarios and the like.

He actually includes the quick start info from the Quick Start Guide which is included with your purchase as well.

He and we understand there is a cost for the laser tools we offer, but as we all understand, there are added costs with going to the range (time, gas, money - range fee and ammo) along with if the range is open, time constraints and etc... but he notes that the system pays for itself if you use it regularly.

Check out the full review in IDPA's Tactical Journal here, it starts on page 60 through 67. Let us know how we can help with your shooting journey.

Check out the Flash Bolt and the i-MTTS reactive targets he mentioned in the article and let us know if you have any questions. Be sure to scroll down to see more information about each of the products, any Q&As and reviews.

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