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Use Laser Ammo to Work on Speed Draw Drills per Ambi_Tactical

Work on your draws from a chest rig (or wherever you decide to carry) and test your speed. 

Working on draw and speed drills w recoil enabled firearm

he Laser Ammo i-MTTS controller makes it easier to start, reset and watch your times without having to walk up to the targets. Ambi_Tactical also used our Glock recoil enabled blowback gun so he loaded it up with green gas and was able to do various drills without having to rack the slide.

He showed us several reps of this one quick drill and his improvement over time. Just a good reminder that we need to constantly be practicing so we can improve and not remain stagnant. 

Should you be interested in taking your dry fire training to another level and work on some speed and transitions, contact us or check out our website for more information.

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