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Laser Ammo Training System Video Review

Sootch Gear with the support of GunZone, did a great video review of the Laser Ammo SureStrike™ laser cartridge then he took a look at the Interactive Multi Target Training System ("i-MTTS") reactive targets... discussed how it works and what it's great for.

How to you use the Laser Ammo SureStrike™ laser cartridge with your gun, safely, and using with the included reflective targets. He then discussed the LaserPET II, how it works, the different modes and you can see it in action.

He took a look at the Glock CO2 recoil enabled firearm with the iMTTS and how you can practice at home, safely, and get your reps in.

Stick around for the end where the fun begins, with the out takes, they are kind of hilarious.

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