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Laser Ammo Rifle Bolt & Reactive Targets! | Review by The Tactical Rabbi

The Tactical Rabbi shows off some drills he did with the Laser Ammo Flash Bolt and the iMTTS reactive targets and explains how Laser Ammo offers a fully adjustable laser which allows you to increase proficiency with sight acquisition, trigger control, transitions, and accuracy.

Dry fire is very important, what is it and why you need to do it? What is a great way to practice shooting your handguns and/or rifles from within your vehicle, dry fire! Because who wants to shoot out their window? lol  He explains the Flash Bolt and how it works with your AR rifle platform which allows you to practice with your own rifle and still try fire. Get some home defense practice in.

So how does this work to where you can hit multiple hits with one trigger pull - with the Flash Bolt accessories to allow for multiple hits without damaging your rifle.

The iMTTS - interactive multi target training systems allows for an interactive dry fire practice, using the various programs preset for you or you can make up some drills on your own.

What about zero'ing in the laser with your rifle? Yep, he covers that and the options that Laser Ammo offers - visible red (Red) and infra-red (IR) and the laser has a few modes for you to work through zero and potentially other drills and practice.

Check out the video below and feel free to check it out on his YouTube @TheTacticalRabbi here.

Learn more about the Flash Bolt and the i-MTTS reactive targets he mentioned and let us know if we can help answer your questions. Scroll down under each product to see more information for the products, any Q&As and reviews.

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