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Laser Ammo CQB & SureStrikeMAG Highlight & Mention on Police1

Ron LaPedis had his list of booths he must see, but also ran into several things that he didn't expect, and really liked. He mentions DryFireMag of which we have partnered with to make the SureStrikeMAG. DryFireMag's smart magazine paired with the Laser Ammo optic cap laser cartridge creates a perfect union. It allows you to dry fire without resetting the trigger, but with the laser, allows you to get visible confirmation of hits and when used with the Laser Ammo reactive targets - an audible confirmation as well. Both companies have been around awhile and make great products, they just got better.

Laser Ammo CQB & SOB

He shares the basics about the CQB (Close Quarter Battle) in a box, humanoid targets and functionality. Then the Shot on Body "laser tag concept, but with a twist". He goes on to share how the lasers work with the sensors, the colors of the shooter and number of hits.

"I am a huge fan of the company’s training products and used them to keep me up to speed when the ranges shut down at the beginning of COVID-19.

New for law enforcement are their CQB in a box and Shot Body systems (Figure 4). Both have been in development for nearly three years and can work separately or in concert."

Check out the full article and what other items Ron mentions in his article on

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