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Become a Better Shooter with Laser Ammo! Review by Jace Walters in Jr Shooters Magazine

Jace Walters Review in The Junior Shooters Magazine

Jace Walters wrote an article for The Juniors Shooters Magazine and it was published in the Volume 52 Fall 2023 edition. 

You can check out the article in the magazine or he also published it on his website, here, so be sure to check it out.

Here is a little excerpt for you: 

"Using these different Laser Ammo training aids has really helped me become a better shooter since I can work on many different things in the comfort of my home. My parents also really like it so they don’t always have to drive me out to a firearms range so I can practice, and it also saves them a lot of money on ammo. The Laser Ammo training aid can help you improve your shooting just like it has helped me."

You can also download the pdf of the article as shown in the magazine here.

We are super proud of his growth, his ambition, his contribution to the team and how he is doing with GSSF and the shooting sport.

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