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Wake Up in the Morning and DryFire w Laser Ammo

Wake up and get to business - dry fire that is. See how one of our French IPSC shooting team trains with the iMTTS and laser cartridge with shotgun adapter.

Place the Interactive Multi Target Training System (i-MTTS) around your home, office or wherever it is safe and use your controller to set a time for the audible beep to get you moving and your time to start. You can use these targets with any of our laser cartridges - SureStrike laser cartridge for firearms, Flash Bolt for rifle or the shotgun adapter as he did and practice your dry fire for whichever discipline you need to work on.

He even shows how to simulate shooting an IPSC popper at specific distances. Shoot small, aim small, right? The I-MTTS come with a variety of different target shapes and sizes and you can even create your own to your liking.

Let us know how we can help you practice and up your dry fire training game. Contact us today.

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