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Dry-Fire Trainers: Save Money While You Gain Performance

by Robert Sadowski

the SureStrike offered better construction and an added level of safety with the threaded pipe extensions and safety cap. We also liked that the kit was stored in a case and not easily misplaced. We liked the included target and the cartridges’ ability to adapt to other pistol and rifle calibers as well as shotgun gauges. ______________________________________________ The LaserPET helps you record hits and times, and this makes the training more valuable because you can chart your progress. In our opinion, this target is well suited to drawing and firing on a target. Most public ranges do not allow this type of training, and for good reason — it is dangerous for bystanders to be swept with a loaded pistol. This allows you to train in ways you cannot at a public range. If you want to get a general indication of your progress, we’d pair the LaserPET with a laser cartridge.

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