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Your Own Firearm

Practice Shooting Your
Own Firearm Safely

SureStrike 9mm Cartridge

SureStrike™ Is The Most advanced Laser Training System Available

Practice your marksmanship anywhere, using your own firearm, safely! You will be developing & maintaining your shooting skills: practicing your stance, gun presentation, sight alignment, sight picture, breath control, trigger squeeze, and follow through. Used with revolvers, handguns, rifles, or shotguns, the SureStrike™ laser training cartridge allows a shooter of any level of experience to practice completely safe marksmanship and gun-handling drills with their own firearm in any location, from the basement to the barracks. By squeezing the trigger, the direct impact of the firing pin activates the SureStrike™ to emit an eye-safe laser pulse, a “shot” of infrared light, which simulates the point of impact where a bullet fired from the firearm would have struck.

Train anytime, anywhere in the convenience of your own home, office or department


Wide variety of caliber adapters available for pistol, rifle, and shotgun. Kits containing pre-selected top requested adapters available for one low price.


High quality, robust laser cartridge comprised of stainless steel casing with accurate sharp focused laser and glass lens.


Patented "UhrSecure" safety system secures cartridge in chamber, providing visual indication firearm is clear of ammunition & prevents live ammo from being inserted. Doesn't interfere with retraction of slide. SureStrike lasers contain no primer or powder, safely used by anyone, anywhere!

Works With All Targets

This laser beam can be seen on a standard paper target or one of our specialized electronic targets.

Protects your firing pin

The action caps include a high-end primer that acts as a snap cap to protect your firing pin. All caps are guaranteed for 5,000 shots minimum.


Microprocessor within back cap of SureStrike laser training cartridge can be programmed to work with various simulators, targets, MILES gear, and more. Assorted back caps available for dry fire, bore sighting, or both!


Use IR or Red Lasers

The SureStrike laser cartridges are offered with a Visible (Red) or Invisible (IR) laser. The red lasers are used when the shooter is using a paper target or electronic target and is working on a variety of marksmanship skills and drills. Invisible (IR) lasers are recommended when using reactive targets or simulators, as the shooter will be forced to use their sights for optimized training.

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